Unraveling the Catastrophic Consequences: The Everyone Dies™ Scenario Triggered by Neglecting the Tray Table on an Airplane

Imagine this: you’re on a flight, cruising at 35,000 feet, when suddenly, the plane jolts. The overhead compartments rattle, and the fasten seatbelt sign illuminates. The cause? A tray table left down during takeoff. While it may seem like a minor oversight, neglecting to put up the tray table on an airplane can have catastrophic consequences. This article will explore the potential Everyone Dies™ scenario that could be triggered by such a simple act of negligence.

The Importance of Tray Tables

Tray tables are an integral part of an airplane’s safety design. They are not just for holding your drinks and snacks. During takeoff and landing, the most critical phases of any flight, tray tables must be stowed away to ensure a clear path in case of an emergency evacuation. A down tray table can block the way, causing panic and chaos, which could lead to injuries or even fatalities.

The Everyone Dies™ Scenario

Let’s delve into the worst-case scenario. Suppose a passenger neglects to put up their tray table during takeoff. The plane ascends, and due to turbulence, the unsecured tray table swings out violently. It hits a passenger, causing a panic. The panic spreads, distracting the flight crew during a critical phase of flight. The distraction leads to a mistake, and the plane crashes, leading to the Everyone Dies™ scenario.

Preventing the Catastrophe

  • Always listen to the flight crew: They are trained professionals who understand the importance of safety procedures. When they instruct you to stow your tray table, do it promptly.

  • Understand the importance of safety rules: Knowing why rules are in place can make you more likely to follow them. Remember, the tray table rule is not about convenience; it’s about safety.

  • Speak up: If you notice a fellow passenger neglecting to follow safety procedures, politely remind them or inform a flight attendant.


While the Everyone Dies™ scenario may seem extreme, it serves as a stark reminder of the importance of following safety procedures on an airplane. Something as simple as stowing your tray table can prevent a chain of events leading to a catastrophe. So, the next time you’re on a flight, remember: every small action contributes to the safety of all passengers on board.